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Two Lions Espresso Roast worthy of roaring about. A review from Coffee Ken

Two Lions Espresso Roast worthy of roaring about. Two Lions Espresso Roast from Lions Bay is an espresso blend that I find worthy of bragging about, or if you are a greedy person, you might even keep it as your best kept secret. What impressed me the most about Two Lions is the versatility, you can serve it up as it was intended, an espresso shot straight up, or with milk to make some really outstanding mocha cappuccinos, and lattes. But the bottom line test on this blend is that you can have it as a deeply rich coffee from a French press, or an exotic coffee from your Chemex, and pour over that will excite your taste buds and...

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Summer is coming! Are you ready to make your own cold brew?

Summer’s coming! Are you ready to make your own cold brew coffee? Here’s our favourite-and easy way!  Choose a coffee that is known for it’s sweetness. If you prefer the complex fruity and floral of Ethiopia, or something a bit more chocolatey or nutty try one with Brazil or Guatemalan.  We are using this month’s Kelvin Grove Blend. It’s a blend of Ethiopian and Indonesian coffee that is great hot, but is amazing cold brewed.  The easiest way to make a cold brew is using something that you probably already have- a French Press. No need to warm it up as we’re doing this all at room temperature.  Grind your coffee fine. Not quite espresso grind as this will make...

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Harvey Creek Blend...a bold way to start your day. Review by

Visit Harvey Creek Blend by Lions Bay Coffee Company, out of Lions Bay Canada, is offering the Northwest area some fine, and outstanding coffee. I consider myself to be quite lucky to receive this fine coffee, and to have the opportunity to sample it. Lions Bay offered their Harvey Creek Blend, which showcases the fine talent of the head roaster, Kelvin Cumming; the man has some serious talent, and it shows in his coffee. Harvey Creek Blend is a dark roast, but don’t let that stop you if you are a city roast person, it is very smooth, rich, and yes dark, like a top quality stout. If you are a stout drinker, then this is your coffee, if not, your...

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Lions Bay Coffee receives a special visitor

While on location ... On Good Friday while on location at Dundarave Pier for the start of the West Vancouver Yacht Club's Southern Straits Classic, we received a visit from none other than the Easter Bunny. On this cool spring day we awaited the race start and were introducing passers by to our freshly roasted and brewed coffee.  While spreading her sweet treats to children young and old, she curiously came over to see what the buzz was all about. After sampling our limited edition Southern Straits Classic Blend, she was, needless to say, speechless.  Thank you Easter Bunny and everyone who came by to enjoy our coffee and say Hello! 

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Lions Bay Coffee Roaster partners with West Vancouver Yacht Club

Lions Bay Coffee Roaster partners with West Vancouver Yacht Club #WVYC for the annual Southern Straits Classic. This year marks the 48th year of this exciting event. The race begins at Dundarave Pier on March 25, 2016 10:25am. Captain and crew will be treated to freshly roasted Lions Bay coffee during their race. If the winds don't cooperate, our coffee will keep them moving!

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