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Centennial Trail Blend

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Lions Bay Coffee Centennial Trail Blend

Our medium blend of specially selected Latin American beans that are roasted for a shorter time to highlight their exquisite notes of rich cocoa and toasted nuts.  

Lions Bay Centennial Trail Blend is smooth, balanced and a great choice with your breakfast, morning commute or any start to your day. If you prefer a lighter, milder flavoured coffee and prefer to add cream and/or sugar to your brew, this coffee will satisfy your needs.

You're investing in great coffee. We suggest that you invest in an equally great grinder. Burr grinders are preferable as they provide a more consistent grind. If you don't have a grinder yet, we can grind it for you. Just let us know how you will be brewing your coffee. These are the three most common grinds: Espresso (Fine grind), Drip coffee (Medium grind- all purpose), French Press (Course grind).

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Recipe for the perfect cup of Lions Bay Coffee

  1. Use fresh, cold, filtered water and ensure your coffee maker/machine is clean
  2. Select the best grind for your brewing method and grind just before brewing:
    • Espresso = Fine Grind
    • Filtered = Medium Grind
    • French Press = Coarse Grind
  3. Measure 2 rounded tablespoons (15g) ground coffee for every 8 oz. (227 ml) water.

Coffee has 4 enemies: Heat, Moisture, Light and Air.  To help preserve the freshness of your beans, keep your coffee cool, dry and dark in an airtight container (not in the refrigerator). Grind and brew your beans within a week of opening.

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