French Press - Lions Bay Coffee Company Inc.
French Press - Lions Bay Coffee Company Inc.

French Press

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The French Press is a great way to enjoy your freshly roasted Lions Bay Coffee.

EASY! Peasy!

Easy to use. Easy to maintain. Easy to order.

Made from heat resistant glass, stainless steel and polypropylene. Dishwasher safe.

FYI: If you've seen us at one of our demos, these are not the exact ones that we use. But they prepare an amazing brew none the less.

NOTE: This product cannot be placed on any heat source.

Volume: 34oz/1L

Height: 9"/22cm

Diameter: 4"/10cm

We recommend a coarse grind for using in your French Press. Use a ratio of 15g/1 tblspn per cup and place in the bottom of the press. Bring your water to a boil and remove from heat for a couple minutes. This will put the water at the perfect temperature. Slowly pour the hot water over the freshly ground coffee being sure to wet all the grinds. Give your brew a stir before placing on the lid. Allow coffee to brew for 4 minutes. Then press and enjoy!

You don't have a grinder? Don't worry, we can grind it for you. Just leave a comment on your order that you need it ground for a French Press. Just be extra vigilant about keeping the package as well sealed as possible, and in a cool, dry location.